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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Coronavirus Social Story

My Hero is YouA new fictional book developed by and for children aims to help families understand and cope with COVID-19.

The scale and impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is difficult for adults to wrap their minds around, much less children. But young people still have questions, and they are looking to adults to help them understand what is happening.

“My Hero is You”, a story developed for and by children around the world, offers a way for children and parents to together think about the questions the pandemic raises. Designed to be read by a parent, caregiver or teacher alongside a child or a small group of children, the story was shaped by more than 1,700 children, parents, caregivers and teachers from around the world who took the time to share how they are coping with the impact of COVID-19.

Click on the Link to read My Hero is You.

Short illustration and text about the Coronavirus - see attachment below.

Use the attached Story to help your child/children to understand why their school is closed.