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Dame Ellen Pinsent School

Dame Ellen Pinsent School


At Dame Ellen our aim is to develop pupils' ability to listen, speak, read and write. The outcomes of this will enable pupils to express ideas, views and feelings more effectively.

In our school, English is linked to our teaching of topics and classes have key texts linked to the topics to help create the cross curricular links. Classes have a half-term focus on a genre of writing, which helps them to embed the learning and build upon previous skills. There are daily phonics lessons which engage the children in fun activities linked to the letter sounds they are learning and are confident to use and spelling, grammar and punctuation are taught through both reading and writing lessons. 

All children take a reading book home and this is either linked to the level of reading book that the children read in class, or it is a high quality picture book to share with an adult for our children that are still developing the early reading skills.                                                         

Please click the link at the bottom of the page to view our current English Medium Term overview.

  • How you can support at home

  • Point out environmental print such as shop names, road signs or names on cereal boxes or other food packaging. 
  • Play games such as I spy, or I hear - distinguishing between sounds is an important early reading skill
  • Sing nursery rhymes and action songs
  • Share a book with them.
  • Read for 10 minutes every evening.
  • Talk about the pictures.
  • Ask questions that encourage your child to think about what they have read or shared with you.
  • Use exciting words.
  • Add an extra word when describing something.
  • Give them opportunities to colour or write, practice writing in the air.
  • Encourage your child to sound out unfamiliar words 
  • Change your voice for different characters that are speaking 
  • Use the RWI website and Class Dojo for helping your child learn to read. 

Useful websites that you can use at home.

Oxford Owls


Lil Fingers Story Books


Where you can buy Literacy resources

  • Waterstones
  • WHSmiths
  • The Pound Shop (they do workbooks for both Maths and English)
  • Car boots and second hand shops are great for books!
  • Public library - pop into your local library, they often have a selection of second hand books for sale if they no longer wish to keep them in stock.
  • The Works 
  • Any other store where they sell books
  • Straight from the RWI website